Henry Johnson '64 and Katherine Terbeck Johnson '65

Henry Johnson '64 and Katherine Terbeck Johnson '65

Hank and Katherine are coming up on their 54th anniversary. They actually met in a comical way by meeting in a ballroom dance class. They took the class by default because Hank suddenly needed a PE unit (even though he played baseball & football 3 years) and Katherine had just returned from Salzburg and that was the only open class. They began dating that April. Their first date was a square dance in front of the Chapel. They were engaged in August and married in June, a week after Katherine's graduation. They still have many dear U of R friends who they stay in touch with. Their time at Redlands is a very fond memory!

Gary Kooiman '67 and Marjie Hudson Kooiman '67

Gary Kooiman '67 and Marjie Hudson Kooiman '67

Gary and Marjie got to know each other when they were Juniors on the Salzburg Semester of Spring 1966. In May of that semester, they spent a day together wandering around Paris with John Haines '68 and Corky Byrns Fredericks '67. Marjie was engaged to someone else at the time, but, “oh, well.” She became unengaged before her senior year began, and Marjie and Gary started dating that Fall. After their first year of grad school, Gary at UC Davis and Marjie at UCLA, they got married. As a new teacher, Marjie financed Gary’s remaining law school years. They lived in Sacramento until 1980, when they moved back to Southern California. They now reside in Glendora. They have two children, Peter and Katie Kooiman Ralph '99 (husband is Aaron Ralph '01一道本不卡免费高清), and four grandchildren.  Aaron and Gary, interestingly enough, are Chi Sig brothers. Marjie and Gary celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last June. As you can see from this photo, they have hardly aged at all.

Thomas Sakiyama '69 and Cathryn Thompson Sakiyama '70

Thomas Sakiyama '69 and Cathryn Thompson Sakiyama '70

Thomas and Cathy met at the U of R in the fall of 1966 in the university marching band. During marching season, Tom played the cymbals (saxophone during concert season), and she played the glockenspiel (oboe during concert season).

一道本不卡免费高清Tom and Cathy marched in the same rank, and director Dr. James Jorgenson told them to "get to know your right guide".

一道本不卡免费高清They were married on June 8, 1968, and just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 8, 2018. Their U of R love story has been a long and adventurous chronicle!

Wayen Schumacher.jpg

Wayne Schumacher '69 and Dale Bratton Schumacher '69
Wayne and Dale met on their semester abroad in beautiful Salzburg during the Spring of 1968. They formed a wonderful friendship there, started dating when they returned, and got married two years later. Now, 50 years later, they have returned to Salzburg every few years to add to the memories!

Maryjo Warner1.jpg

Stan Totten '70 and Mary Jo Werner '71  
50 years ago, this month, Mary Jo and Stan met during the 1969 Salzburg Spring semester. Mary Jo remembers wondering, “who is this rakish man who wears cowboy boots and a long West Texas duster that nearly touches the ground.” Stan saw in Mary Jo an artist with a free and kindred spirit. They hung together and traveled through Europe after the semester ended.
Forty classmates who witnessed this relationship bloom knew that Stan & Mary Jo were in love, perhaps before they did. One could see it in their eyes, in the way they laughed together and protected each other from life’s harshest moments.

After graduation, they followed separate paths but the time together at the U of R was an ever-present reality, a touchstone when confusion reigned. Forty years passed and they both needed to be rescued. Stan searched for Mary Jo and found her in Chicago. They met, talked, moved together slowly and affirmed the connection that was always there.

Stan and Mary Jo returned to Southern California eleven years ago to build together an idyllic life of art, wit, writing, and love. The stars aligned for them until Stan became ill last year. His terminal diagnosis did not compromise the man he was or the life they shared. He never lost his sense of humor, goodwill or his love for Mary Jo forged during the time spent at the U of R. When they knew his condition was terminal, they decided to finally tie the knot and were married in their home's terraced hillside gardens in Rancho Cucamonga not far from the University they loved. Stan transitioned from this life in November 2018 with Mary Jo at his side.

Celeste Hiller.jpg

Peter Hiller '73 and Celeste Williams '73

一道本不卡免费高清Their family was truly a U of R family. Celeste's father was an American Baptist minister in Pasadena and Temple City, CA. when the university was affiliated with the American Baptist Church. She remembers visiting the campus with her dad when she was 6 years old. After her dad passed away, her mother, Nadine Williams, decided that they should move to Redlands, and she began a long career working at the university, first as an administrative assistant and eventually as the Placement Director.

Her sister, Sarah Williams Taylor '60 decided that the U of R was the place for her. She met her husband, Jim Taylor '60, as a freshman in 1956. They recently celebrated their 59th anniversary in Santa Fe, New Mexico where they live. Her brother, David Williams '66 and Sue Fowler Williams '64, were married for 27 years before David’s passing in 2002.

Celeste met Peter at the newly formed Johnston College. It took them a while, but they finally formalized their relationship in 1981, and are still going strong. They celebrate two anniversaries - 1971 and 1981! For their Valentine’s memory, their family can cumulatively celebrate 124 years of marriages - which got their start at the University of Redlands!

Neale Barret.jpg

Neale Barret '74 and Virginia Folger Barret '74
Neale and Ginny met at Redlands when they were freshmen, and were in several classes together, but didn't start dating until their Senior year. He had long admired her from afar but didn't have the nerve to ask her out. They ended up in a poetry class their senior year and started going out. He was playing water polo and she had mononucleosis, so when she finally got a clean bill of health, their first kiss was (ahem) memorable. They still celebrate our "kissaversary" which is now 44, (going on 45) years ago. They married in 1975, have two wonderful daughters, and after all this time, still kissing.

Dan Armstrong.jpg

Dan Armstrong '92 and Lynn Bassler Armstrong '92

一道本不卡免费高清Dan had just arrived on campus prior to the beginning of soccer training. He had moved into North Hall that morning and was leaving by the front door to go check out... well, he doesn't really know where he was headed as it was his first official day on campus!  At the front curb was a cab and getting out was Lynn. She had a lot of stuff to carry, having just arrived from Anchorage, Alaska. Dan offered to help her carry her bags to her room upstairs and introduced himself.  As Dan recalls, he was the first person she met at Redlands (she doesn't remember him specifically, just "some guy" helping her to her room).  They would go on to become friends their freshman year and beyond although he always carried a bit of a torch for her.

It wasn't until their senior year in the fall of '91 that she too was smitten and all it took was a broken leg!  He managed to finish his senior soccer season with multiple fractures requiring surgery and some serious recovery time and Lynn visited him occasionally to cheer him up.  On a whim, and because she was great company and very easygoing, he asked her to the fall Pi Chi formal in Las Vegas, for which he would be on crutches.  She agreed and what began as a pair of friends spending the weekend in Sin City turned into a relationship that included marriage in 1998, children in 2001, 2004, and 2006, our 20th-anniversary last summer and another generation of Bulldogs set to begin school in the Fall of 2019!

Shonna Marshall.jpg

John Marshall '01 and Shonna Gay Marshall '02, '10

In Fall 1999, after taking a semester off of school, Shonna returned to campus and pledged Delta Kappa Psi. At the same time John, following in his father's footsteps (Don Marshall '67一道本不卡免费高清), was pledging Alpha Gamma Nu. They met at a party and began hanging out and commiserating through the pledging process together. The night that they both became actives, they shared their first kiss. Fast forward to post-graduation they moved back to John's home town of San Diego, CA to a condo in Little Italy. In December 2003 John proposed to Shonna at the Hotel Del Coronado. They were married in June 2004 in Healdsburg, CA. They welcomed their son, Leighton into the world in February 2015. John pursued his dreams and in 2017 opened the doors to a brewery and tasting room in Chula Vista CA, 3 Punk Ales, meanwhile Shonna does healthcare consulting for Nordic Consulting Partners. They are looking forward to celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this year!

Justin Lee 2.jpg

Justin Lee '08 and Hurshini Lai Lee '08

一道本不卡免费高清Justin and Hurshini met freshman year. They were close friends throughout and graduated in 2008. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles and he joined the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. They connected when Justin returned years later, started dating, and the rest is history. They had two weddings, one in Orange County and another week-long festivity in India. They make their home in Los Angeles. Hurshini works in advertising and Justin works at a nonprofit.

 Andrea Jostol.jpg

Grant Jostol '11 and Andrea Gathman Jostol '12

一道本不卡免费高清Grant and Andrea met at a party at the Beta Lambda house 9 years ago. She was a Beta and he a Chi Rho Psi. A year later, at the same back-to-school party, they talked all night and he walked her back to Melrose. They started dating and it was clear to both of them that they had found "their person". They dated long distance for 2 years, then lived together in Sacramento. When Grant got a job with the Seattle Mariners, they did another 8 months of long distance while Andrea finished her education in Sacramento to become a math teacher. Andrea moved to Seattle in 2015 and they were engaged a couple months later, and then married in 2016 in Las Vegas. Now they live in Seattle with their dog, Banjo, thankful for that night at the Beta house that brought them together.

Aracely Mendez.JPG

Brieanna Pantele '13 and Aracely Mendez '14

Attending the U of R wouldn’t have been the same for Brie and Aracely if had never met. Their friendship began in Alpha Xi Omicron and grew into the best Big/Little relationship anyone had ever seen. They were inseparable and the times that they were apart, they were in class. They spent countless all-nighters in the library and Hunsaker, they strolled campus at all hours of the day and night and explored all of Redlands side by side. It was the spring of their senior year when they realized there was something much deeper than a friendship between them and listened to what their hearts were feeling. They have been together ever since and will be celebrating their sixth anniversary this year. No matter how far away or how close they are to the U of R, all the memories created on and off campus and in Alpha Xi will always hold special places in their hearts. Alis volat propriis and Och Tamale. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elizabeth garcia 2.jpg

Andrew Bethel '15 and Elizabeth Garcia '15

一道本不卡免费高清Andrew and Elizabeth met in 2014 when they both joined the Cambridge Study Abroad class in the School of Business. Since they were part of different cohorts, their paths hadn’t crossed until the first day of class. During their time abroad, a friendship flourished. They had the chance to spend a lot of time together and realized that they had a lot in common and enjoyed spending time with each other. They dated for 3 years and were married in June of 2017. Their time at the University of Redlands was truly life changing for them!

Nancy Soukhavong2.jpg

Nicholas Caputa '17 and Nancy Soukhavong '18

Nicholas and Nancy met in Professor Allison Fraiberg’s class in the San Diego campus. After a few classes, study sessions turned into long conversations and they realized that they liked each other. Their relationship slowly progressed and in March 2017, they did the UK/Paris study abroad trip with Professor Fraiberg and she realized they were an item.

Last year, they officially walked for their graduation and went on so many different trips to see the world together. Ireland in January, the Aurora Borealis in Alaska in February. Thailand in April. Mexico’s wine country in July. Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite in September, followed by Havasupai in November. Between all of the camping trips, the backpacking trips, and visiting different countries, Nancy continued to fall more in love with Nick and have the best memories of so much love and laughter.

In September, upon a beautiful ledge overlooking one of the lakes in Mammoth, Nick proposed. Since then, the year has been filled with even more bliss and she looks forward to spending my life with him. Nicholas and Nancy are to be married on February 16, 2019.